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Traveling out of U.S. - Coming to the U.S.

Getting medical treatment outside the U.S. is complex and can be very expensive! Problem — Employer or Individual medical plans, or Medicare have limited if any coverage!

The easy way to solve this problem  — buy a special kind of medical insurance. It protects your finances from the invoices following an unexpected medical situation when you are out of the U.S. Details on this economical and important medical insurance can be found by selecting a blue link in one of the plan highlights below: There is an easy way to enroll:

  • A Single Trip: Ideal for business or personal travel. Pre-existing conditions are covered and the Choice Plan, which can be used for up to six months, is based on having a primary medical plan. It has deductible options.
  • Planning to live outside the U.S.! The plan offers unlimited and worldwide coverage. The link also shows a plan, which excludes coverage in the U.S. for 50% lower cost.
  • U.S. Students or Faculty! Going to be outside your country for a least 3 months and involved in Educational activity? The pre-existing waiting period is eliminated if prior coverage.
  • Professional Maritime Crew members. Are you a U.S. or Non U.S. citizen or permanent resident who will be working as a maritime crew outside his/her country for at least 3 months per year? This is an effective plan.
  • Missionary or NCO activity. Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident scheduled to reside outside your county for at least 3 months per year? This is an effective plan.

What if your travel is interrupted or cancelled?

To protect your deposit, to cover lost baggage, and more a Trip Protection plan is highly recommended. Buying this special insurance also covers transportation back home if a medical problem requires.


International citizens coming to the U.S.

Going to be away from your home country? A special medical plan is needed to cover any treatment expenses here in the U.S. Flexible coverage is available.

Questions about medical insurance when you are out of country? Call my Google Voice # (860) 451-9793 when you have an individual or group international travel planned or send a Text. You can also send a note to -  John@Parker.agency

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Getting involved in your health and the cost of medical treatment will result in a more enjoyable life!

Many treatment expenses today are applied to a medical plans deductible. Thus, since the cost of medical procedures varies from one provider to another it important to understand what your costs might be. How? Enter your zip code here. Then select the category for your medical situation and you will see the cost of some providers.

     Note: Even if a limited number of providers is shown you will have a cost to talk about. For example: I have a HSA and found one cost would be $_____ for the ______ . I would like to know what your cost will be?



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Medical treatment resources and info on insurance costs.

You can find some resources to help make treatment decisions and learn more about why medical insurance is expensive on this page.


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