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Many treatment expenses today are applied to a medical plans deductible. Thus, since the cost of medical procedures varies from one provider to another it important to understand what your costs might be. How? Enter your zip code here. Then select the category for your medical situation and you will see the cost of some providers.

     Note: Even if a limited number of providers is shown you will have a cost to talk about. For example: I have a HSA and found one cost would be $_____ for the ______ . I would like to know what your cost will be?



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Medical treatment resources and info on insurance costs.

You can find some resources to help make treatment decisions and learn more about why medical insurance is expensive on this page.


A look at MediCare:


Social Security (SS) is responsible for enrollment in MediCare but does not do this automatically for individuals when they turn 65!

Want to enroll at 65 or later? The First Step - Meet with retirement person at your Local SS office. Why not just call? Surveys report people received incorrect information when calling SS's 800#!

When you call the Local office they may want to handle enrollment over the phone - tell them you want an appointment to understand options to pay your Part B.

        Note: If enrolling after working past 65 ask for the special form your employer needs to sign so you avoid the Part B late enrollment penalty

Second Step Your share of all outpatient treatments is 20% of the amount MediCare approved for the procedure. Thus, to cover this big risk its important to buy one of two types of Medicare Health Plans. Either:

A Medicare Supplement You can receive medical treatment from any provider in any state who accepts MediCare's level of payment. These plans are purchased from private companies and often called MediGap plans. Some points:

  • Supplement plans have "lettered' names". A with basic coverage. B, C, etc. have more. Coverage in a plan, with the same letter, is the same. However, the monthly cost can vary considerably from one company to another.
  •  Supplement N from one company is over $100 a month lower than their full coverage F. Why? The person in N pays Part B's annual deductible [$188 in 2017], a $20 co-pay for any office visits, and a $50 co-pay if any emergency room visits.
  • 9 out of 10 people are happy with their Medicare Supplements.

What about prescriptions? Medications received on an outpatient basis are not covered by MediCare's Part A or Part B nor Supplement Plans. Thus, MediCare's Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) is available. It's MediCare's Part D, which is voluntary but even if a person over 65 is not taking medications a penalty is applied for each month they did not enroll. There is exception for the person who had "credible" prescription coverage such as through an employer plan.

A Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan is the second type   its MediCare's Part C and available from private companies. MA Plans:

  • Provide the same coverage as original MediCare plus additional benefits such as a full physical each year. MA plans are of interest to many and availability is based on the County you live in.
  • Have co-pays or cost sharing when a person goes to the companies network of providers for treatment. Your cost over the year is capped by the plan's Maximum Out of Pocket (MOP) provision.
  • Have a yearly contract with MediCare which pays them a fixed monthly payment for each person who enrolls. Individuals also pay the company a monthly cost, which varies, based on the amount of cost sharing.
  • Most MA plans include a Part D plan for prescription expenses which makes them a MAPD plan. The monthly cost for many MAPD options is more economical than buying a MediGap plan plus a Part D plan.

Another way to lower the cost of a Medicare Health Plan: A High Deductible Supplement is based on full coverage Plan F but has a $2,200 initial deductible in 2017. This plan even with a separate Part D plan results in a persons maximum expenses being less than with a MAPD. This Supplement is available from a few companies here in CT.

New MediCare ID cards: Everyone enrolled in MediCare will begin to receive new ID cards in April 2018 with unique alpha & numeric characters. 4 digits space 3 digits space 4 digits. Why? A step to protect a persons SS number. A picture of the new card is on this site with other information about the conversion project. All MediCare beneficiaries will have a new card by April 2019.

Call my Google Voice # today or send a Text (860) 451-9793 to set up a time (no cost to you) to eliminate confusion and increase understanding of:

  • How a Medicare Supplement in Connecticut or Medicare Advantage in Connecticut plan works.
  • Select the best option for your interest and budget.

Live in CT & Interested in Dental coverage?

Oral Health is very important. Dental check ups can detect many health risks so they are key to overall health. All ages can enroll and exams, fillings, and major services are covered:

  • One plan has up to $1,000 in benefits each year for about $50 a month.
  • A second has up to $2,000 in benefits for about $60 a month. Using one of the many Dentists in the Ameritas network saves up to 30% thus your benefits go further. These plans include - Orthodontic coverage if under 19!
  • Want more info?  Enter your CT zip code, who you want covered, and other information. The next page shows the monthly cost and a link to view coverage Details.
  • Call my Google Voice # today or send a Text (860) 451-9793 if questions about this Dental plan or the optional Vision plan.

Interested in coverage for a short time?

Short Term Medical (STM) plans help pay eligible illness or injury expenses.

  • What are they for? An economical way to cover unexpected medical situations until able to enroll in qualified Individual or Employer plan.

This special plan provides up to $1,000,000 in coverage and you can select from 5 deductible levels. You also can have coverage for more than 90 day!.

How does it work? When you apply for a EZ STM plan there are no health questions but any medical conditions during the previous 12 month period would not be covered. BTW - there are no policy or association fees. However, if needed a person can apply for a 2nd and 3rd 90 day plan and then another 2 month plan. A total of 11 months! Any medical condition(s) which developed when enrolled do not become pre-existing when you apply for the next plan.

You can view a pdf on the EZ STM plan. Costs are on page 5.

You can then enroll on the Parker Agency page of EZ STM's site.  

Coverage is better when you use the EZ STM network of providers.

Questions on short term plans? Send a note to -



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