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Employers and individuals in CT:

  • Looking for answers on what federal health care reform will mean to you?
  • Need a better understanding of Medicare?


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Medical insurance costs and treatment resources

Learn more about why medical insurance is expensive on this page. It also includes some resources to review on making treatment decisions.

Your income and hard earned savings could face a "big financial hit" if an accident or significant illness happens and you do not have medical insurance! You can avoid this “hit” by buying health related insurance. Buying means you gain values such as:

  • Certainty and "peace of mind" in case of a "what if'".
  • Access to medical professionals knowing most of their treatment invoices will be paid.
  • Won't face uncertainty about where the money will come from to pay the many treatment invoices.

Will something signficant happen? No one knows nor can anyone say it won't!

Small employers and individuals: You can gain from a face to face discussion to share insights on:

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  • What Health, Medicare, and Long Term Care insurance can mean to you. We can sort through complex coverage and many choices, which often causes people to put off a decision or not take any action.
  • Health reform requirements and how it changed plans and provider networks in CT.
  • The value of employees taking responsibility for their health and moving away from regular visits to the "medical treatment store".

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Individuals - Eligible for MediCARE? When enrolled you are responsible for 20% of MediCARE's allowed amount for all MD office and outpatient services. There is no limit on your 20% cost sharing as in employer plans!

What to do? Call today to talk about:

  • How the four parts of MediCARE work; when you can enroll; and the differences in the two types of Medicare Health plans, which are available to pay the expenses MediCARE doesn't cover.

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Individuals - Traveling out of the US? - When you cross a US border, whether on a business trip or vacation, employer, individual medical, and MediCARE plans have limited, if any, coverage. Thus, to protect yourself from big expenses special medical insurance is needed.

What to do? Buy one of the coverage options highlighted on the Parker Agency page on HTH Worldwide's site. You can learn about the benefits, the cost, and then enroll on line.
       Note: When outside the US your travel plans could get interrupted; baggage is lost; or a medical emergency develops. Thus, a trip protection plan is recommended and it's economical.

International citizens coming to the U.S. - for a visit or immigrating, also need coverage for any necessary medical treatment, including transportation expenses to the nearest qualified medical facility. You can enter personal information, find the cost, and enroll. Take a look.

Professional Background - Clients gain from John's certification in federal health reform's legislative and regulatory issues. His commitment to advanced on going education; active involvement in professional associations; and participation in two or three national conferences each year enhances professionalism and adds value for clients. This special knowledge is a resource for individuals and small employers and is not available from other area health insurance professionals.

John adheres to a high standard of professional conduct and his firm the Parker Agency in Niantic CT, is a member of the AmeriBen Alliance.

Focus of this site: Provide a resource for individuals and employers in Connecticut on the value of owning health related insurance protection. John developed the content on these page and makes regular updates.

This Blog - Health Related Insurance in CT - includes periodic updates on federal health reform and issues related to medical insurance in Connecticut.


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